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Dashboard Monitoring System

Dashboard Monitoring System

Nexus People’s Dashboard Monitoring System provides an instant snapshot of an organisation’s key performance indicators.

Through the use of up to the minute technology, companies can make instantaneous, informed decisions based on a graphical presentation of past and current trends. The dashboard is an easy to read, real time interface unique to Nexus.

The distinctive system now operates across our network of client locations throughout the UK, with easy but secure access.

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Innovation Features

Customised to our clients needs

The Dashboard Monitoring System is customised to each client. Each client has a unique log-in which will take them to their own dual-branded dashboard, personalised to produce data and charts that relate to the most important aspects of their business.

All data is in real time and analysis is instant. This ultimately means that our on-site teams can identify problems quickly and respond with efficient and effective solutions before potential problems become real business headaches.

These problems are identified at specific locations, giving the real time response you need.


Data analysis

Our Dashboard Monitoring system gathers and processes data to present it in a format that makes analysing employee performance and productivity a very simple task. This data is fed into back-end payroll and data analysis systems.

On many of our sites, we have systems to recognise employees’ fingerprints, so data can be collected as soon as an employee clocks in to work. On a daily and instantaneous basis, the scanners collect qualitative, key performance data.

Time and attendance management data is collected and a personal profile can be built for each employee.


“The need for a supportive business partner is paramount to our business particularly during times of high fluctuating volumes and Nexus excelled where others failed.”

Brendan O'Hara, Area General Manager - Parcelforce Worldwide

What our candidates say...

Jayson Staples

I have worked for Nexus for 3 years now and the people are fun and friendly to work with and very approachable. I enjoy coming to work everyday.

Anne Dean

I have worked for Nexus for 5 weeks and find the staff and supervisors approachable and friendly. Our management team are organised, professional and flexible.

Oliver Robertson

Even though I am an agency member of staff I am still entitled to get trained on other departments. Nexus are always here if we need anything and are pushing us to achieve.

Ryan Thompson

Nexus always try their best and go out of the way to help us with any problems. I have also been given the opportunity to train on a FLT truck! I enjoy my work.

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