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Back End Payroll System

Our back end payroll software system came into action in preparation of new AWR regulations. Since its implementation, it has significantly enhanced the planning capabilities of the entire group.

The system is exclusive to Nexus and has been refined to be specific to each of our client sites throughout the UK – all 60-plus of them. The system provides instant, accurate statistics and intelligence from advanced AWR compliance solutions through to integrated document management.

We tailor the software to each of our clients’ needs, controlled from a central location with our on-site consultants controlled by the group’s IT department.

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Innovation Features

Biometric Technology

We’ve introduced a Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System at the majority of Nexus sites, to assist fast-moving companies who operate irregular shift patterns with their labour-management controls.

Staff ‘clock-on’ by placing their index finger on a wall-mounted reader. Work records are then directly transferred to the company’s payroll system.

This system also incorporates face scanning/recognition technology and has the ability to video call direct from the terminal. These built-in features eliminate the possibility of illegal activities, false clocking-on and fabricated overtime.

Instant access to data

Exclusive to Nexus, the system has been refined to provide site specific information at each of the company’s client locations throughout the UK, providing on-site teams with instant, accurate statistics and intelligence, from advanced AWR.

This software can be tailored to each client’s needs, providing an automatic, central office management system operated by our on-site consultants and controlled by the Group’s IT department.

Making wage calculation and human resources management more efficient by preventing loss of wages and improving work productivity. Compliance solutions through to integrated document management.

“Nexus' understanding of our business needs and culture of the organisation enables them to provide us with high calibre applicants.”

David MacKay, Distribution Centre Manager - Wincanton

What our candidates say...

Jayson Staples

I have worked for Nexus for 3 years now and the people are fun and friendly to work with and very approachable. I enjoy coming to work everyday.

Anne Dean

I have worked for Nexus for 5 weeks and find the staff and supervisors approachable and friendly. Our management team are organised, professional and flexible.

Oliver Robertson

Even though I am an agency member of staff I am still entitled to get trained on other departments. Nexus are always here if we need anything and are pushing us to achieve.

Ryan Thompson

Nexus always try their best and go out of the way to help us with any problems. I have also been given the opportunity to train on a FLT truck! I enjoy my work.

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Back End Payroll System

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