May 2, 2019

World Safety Day – Nexus Mobile LGV Training Simulator

To commemorate World Safety Day 2019, we had the pleasure of being invited by our client in Northampton to take our Mobile LGV Simulator to demonstrate, and provide a hands-on experience to warehouse workers, the vital role of HGV driving within logistics.

Not only is the simulator a safe alternative to driver training, it also provides an immersive experience to candidates potentially looking to get behind the wheel and pursue a HGV license.

When a driver is taken out onto the road it’s difficult to cover every eventuality, you can’t recreate scenarios such as low bridges, failed traffic lights and icy conditions to order. In the simulator this is all programmable and part of our rigorous training programme.

For further information on how the Mobile LGV Simulator can benefit your organisation please email [email protected]

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